December 15, 2018

Elite leaders must listen to the non privileged majority – or many will feel patronised and betrayed

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The ”Neo-Liberal Elite” leaders of Society in both UK and in the EU – MPs, Bankers, Business leaders, Academics and the like – are under siege once again from the ordinary folk who believe they are not understood, treated fairly, and listened to. These people are outside the London Metropolitan bubble in our country and in the equivalent bubbles within EU countries. Here they voted to Leave the EU, and in France they are the Yellow Vests.

They want a revolution, they want a share of the money and end of poverty and austerity, equal opportunities in education, health care and at work, and they are enraged by the blatant inequality they see, the rich getting richer and more distant from their stressed and oppressed lives. These people, the majority, don’t believe that the system works for them and feel patronised and insulted by the complacent, often self seeking ruling classes. Many voted to leave the EU in the Referendum in 2016, and they believed for a while that they had been heard.

But it is not what the elite want, not want most MPs want, and many ordinary non privileged people feel betrayed.

The equivalent leaders in the EU are scared that the workers and poor in their countries might want to leave the EU too and have made the Brexit process difficult. Another badly set out referendum or vote at this stage could be like waving a red rag in front of a bull, especially as many MPs here are suggesting the questions should be between the May deal or keeping the Status Quo. This would rightly be seen as undemocratic by the majority here who voted to leave, and would undermine confidence in our Government and Parliament.

Politicians now must be very careful, or the Yellow Vests who want a just and fair Society will rise up in the UK too. An answer might be to go back to the public and ask us all to choose from one of three options, not two loaded questions – 1. Accept the May Deal, or amended version 2. Stay in the EU 3. Leave the EU with no deal. If this does not happen there will be increasing polarisation in this country, civil unrest, and a sense of betrayal my large numbers of our citizens.

December 9, 2018

Brexit Bananas

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The Brexit shenanigans are coming to some sort of awful head, and it feels like the boil is about to burst. The majority of the 72% odd that actually voted in the Referendum wanted to Leave. They did not vote for a deal. Almost as many voted to Remain and they did not vote for a deal either. If either of these groups get their own way the other will go bananas. If neither get there own way it will be total banana custard, with cream and nuts, and possibly chocolate too…

December 8, 2018

A Beautiful Day, but perhaps not for the Pheasants Doomed to be Killed

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It Is a lovely day to be killed? The Sun shines and otherwise seemingly kind men and women are gathering to shoot the Pheasants that have been reared in the meadow for this purpose. Our garden and environs are relatively safe from this carnage and any Pheasants here are protected, but I cannot support the killing of life just for fun, and cannot see how it is good for the Soul’s of the killers or for the biodiversity of the environment.

I can understand the taking of life to give life as occurs in Nature, and I am not a vegetarian. It just seems strange that Beauty and Violence are so often associated. Certainly I could not take life this way myself, perhaps not in any way, but like most people I am spared facing the reality of food production by the cellphone wrappers of the Supermarket.

December 6, 2018

The UK must make a clean break with the EU

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One thing that has been bothering me about the whole Brexit thing is the Hotel California scenario – you can check in anytime but you can never leave! I well remember voting to join the Common Market but never wished us to become so politically and legalistically entangled.

But this has happened without the public being consulted at any time – until the Referendum. By then it seems we have become so enmeshed with the EU that leaving this behemoth of a club is impossible! The politicians led us into this without any consultation – and now they had damned well get us out!

I voted to remain in – but seeing the chaos of being forced by the EU into a deal no one wants has made it clear to me that we must dissociate ourselves from the many tentacled octopus that is the EU. Pity it has worked out this way, but we must now extricate ourselves -it will cost in the short term but we will better be able to negotiate a deal with the EU after we have left, rather than try for the impossible now.

Going back into this mess of a multi national organisation with its 27 members would be a nightmare – so UK Parliament, man and woman up, and get on with leaving honestly, with integrity and with a clean break, That way the wounds will heal quicker and without scars and infection….

An Ode to Sandy by Chas Mac Donald

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One of the best things that happened on my Birthday was to receive this Ode written by Chas Mac Donald – I have never had an Ode written for me before and whether you agree with its sentiments or not it is quite an honour

December 5, 2018

Thank you for all the good wishes on my Birthday!

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It’s never brilliant weather on my Birthday but particularly dank this time! Having said a final Goodbye to my Godmother Hester at her funeral, a sad morning but full of good memories, I spent the afternoon relaxing at home. Curry tonight and then it will be early to bed after a busy day. I very much appreciate the many good wishes from you all for my Birthday – thank you so much – with my love and blessings, from a lucky old man of 74 years

December 1, 2018

A Message from the Dragons

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It is best not to offend the Dragons – I did so and have to do penance. I have been asked to counter the false news that St George killed the Dragon. He did not, but the Dragon was badly wounded and has been recovering ever since in a far away cave, surrounded by family.

I was disrespectful to a Dragon and have suffered – but I am forgiven if I can let you all know what has happened to the Dragons and why they are seldom seen these days. The trouble began with the Abrahamic religions who adopted a belief that Men were a chosen species having Dominion over Woman and all other existences on Earth. This has led to exploitation of the Earth, its resources, its climate and above all a rapid extinction of all other existences loved by the Gods and Goddesses.

The Dragons will return when these Wrongs have been righted and Man comes to see himself as one of the many other existences in Nature, but not superior to them. Man must use his Heart, Body, Mind and Soul to achieve this goal. If this does not happen, the Dragons tell me, then they and the Gods and Goddesses can not save our world, but they will continue to serve us secretly, But only if their power and goodwill is acknowledged. If you do know a Dragon please respect them – they mean us well.

November 27, 2018

Rain on the roof and a childhood memory

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Rain is peppering the window and I am feeling safe and sleepy beside the warm radiator. A long time ago a Big Girl from the Village (most likely Audrey or Mavis) took me for a walk on a hill near our Farm. It was a long walk and I was little, and it began to rain very heavily. Mum’s helper, looking after me, found an old tin shed where we sheltered and listened to the rain.

There were little holes on the side where my dad and his friends in the Home Guard had been firing their guns for practice a few years before, when the War was on. I listened to the rain on the roof, sheltering from the wind, and squinted at the outside world through the bullet holes – I felt safe and good like I do now 70 years later. Audrey made contact a few years ago and we shared stories, but I never heard from Mavis? The tin shed disappeared many years ago….

November 22, 2018

Christmas 2018

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Sandy’s bit:

For me a much better year health wise apart from a gammy right knee – the consequence of walking with a stick for so many years and bad posture. Now retired, I am a Founding Trustee of the Fair Ways Foundation, a Charity for children, families and young people with social, educational and mental health challenges. We were third in the Sunday times list of best non-profit businesses and fifth in the year before- look us up on

I continue to ride our elderly grey mare Sonadora, and with Sarah Johns’s help she and the other five Paso Fino horses are thriving and being ridden regularly. Sammy had an operation this year and is now fully recovered, although like me rather slower and stiffer with time.

My Druid studies and practice continue and I love the fellowship of my forest friends, our rituals, the wisdom and compassion we share for all existences, the magic of re-enchanting the world and fulfilling our destinies. – Sandy

Penny’s bit:

We have had a busy year with Garden Openings. Unfortunately two of our National Garden Scheme Sundays had fewer than usual visitors – June conflicted with the World Cup, and our July opening turned out to be the one very wet day in an otherwise dry summer! We hope to do better next year and already have lots of bookings, including a coach trip from The Netherlands.

The photo shows us with of our great nephew Felix – son of Sandy’s niece Alice and her husband Craig.

I was delighted to show my artwork ‘Terra Incognita’ at the MAC gallery earlier this year, it’s the biggest piece I have ever made! The exhibition is travelling on to Sleaford, Lincs, and Scunthorpe next year – Penny

Our daughters, grandchildren and great grandchildren continue to thrive, and we include a photo of our latest grandchild – Thea-Mae, aged one and a half

Terstan Garden Openings 2019 –  2 – 6 pm, Teas, Cakes, Plants, Music

April 21st – June 23rd – July 21st – September 8th

With love and best wishes for Christmas, and a Good New Year,7

Penny and Sandy xx

November 21, 2018

Sign the petition!

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Like, share, sign the petition

Media hysteria, and now rendition

Where is the art of quiet discussion?

Like, share, sign the petition

Or you are the cause of endless pollution

The end of the world will come to fruition

So, like, share and sign the petition

Or you are a heal of the enth dimension

And doom will occur, beyond all mention

So be like me or it will be detention

Like, share, sign the petition…

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