November 17, 2019

The scapegoated Duke of York

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I am sure I am not going to be popular for this but I am not happy at the way so many are attacking the Duke of York. I did not listen to the interview but have heard repeated excerpts, each followed by unpleasant comments mostly by London Metropolitan females.

Like most members of the Royal family he is not particularly bright and lacks social skills. He has clearly been mixed up with some rum folk who have taken advantage of him. I personally think he has been protected from worldly things and probably finds relationships a nightmare. He has made mistakes, and like the rest of us, he is no Angel, but does he deserve the scapegoating he is getting at the moment?

November 15, 2019

is Broadband now an essential service that should be provided free for all by the State?

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Generally speaking I consider that essential services- health, social care, and transport should be free and provided by the State. All other business, manufacturing, finance, farming, retail and entertainment should by run by private enterprise and be self financing. Corbyn wants to make Broadband a service, free for all and run by the State – the questions are: is this idea feasible, is it good for employment and jobs, is it good for business and, is Broadband now an essential service?

November 14, 2019

What has happened to A andE? Experience as doctor and patient

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Dr Daz, Dr Ramdaz and I ran an eight hour shift system at the Royal Hampshire County Hospital Casualty Dept. back in 1969. We were well backed up by a Sister and a Staff Nurse. Work trickled in through the day, but hardly anything at night. We dealt with Heart Attacks, Road Accidents and general stuff, and coped very well. It was a good team, a good job and there were plenty of slack times as well, when Casualty had no patients.

I had the misfortune to be admitted to the modern A and E at Winchester a year or so ago. A nightmare, full waiting area, numerous staff rushing about, people in corridors and general mayhem. I waited many hours to see a doctor – this never happened. A nursing assistant dealt with me and to some extent relieved my pain. Just before midnight I discharged myself.

A few days later I got the Flu, probably picked up in a hot, stuffy A and E full of God knows what bugs. The staff, in difficult circumstances, were brilliant. The resource was abominable. What ever has happened?

A fright in the night – have Aliens visited Terstan Garden?

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Got up in the night, looked out at the dark garden and saw something unusual in the moonlight – probably the Caravan door reflecting, I mused absent mindedly. I was just turning away when it moved….I did a double take – yes, its floating along! What could it be? I was a bit scared…then I saw there were two of these things, then more forming a group. They appeared to be talking to each other now, and there were small movements as though they were arguing. I peered more closely and saw that they were tall thin entities, maybe covered in white, reflecting in the Moon. I looked for the Moon – and then I had a shock, my spine tingled, and I went cold. It was not the moon shining but a pulsating light in the meadow next to the garden – aliens! I had seen enough, I rushed back to bed, shut my eyes and curled up in my duvet – and went into a deep sleep. in the morning I looked out of the window again. Nothing in the garden, but a brown patch in the meadow where the pulsating light had been. I was perplexed – why should aliens have visited Terstan Garden? Or was it an NGS Night Patrol? Or a seed collecting Society from North Korea? I suppose I shall never know. Unless they come again…..

November 13, 2019

Who to trust, who can deliver, who to vote for?

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“I am not voting this time – I don’t trust any of them”. I have heard this response several times lately, and I can understand it. Political leaders hardly inspire trust, and one of the reasons for this is the Party system. We are generally forced into voting for one Party or another, with a fixed package of beliefs, culture and promises.

But many thinking people most likely support some policies from each Party, and end up with a compromise. This works most of the time, but how well can it work in the next election? Some people are tribal and will vote for the a Party their family or friends vote for – these pressures are formidable, and loyalty often eclipses intelligence.

I personally have the choice of backing the Liberal Democrats or the Conservatives. Labour does not come into it here. My main concerns are not about Brexit but for the need to deal with climate change, land and sea abuse and loss of biodiversity together with the extinction crisis.

There are going to be some very hard decisions to be made and people generally will not want to vote for the necessary changes ahead. I belong to the Green Party, more as a pressure group than a Party with serious political prospects. I like Labour’s social policies and support for health and education, for a fairer distribution of wealth, but can’t trust their ability to manage the economy or business. The Conservatives on the other hand have a better record on managing the economy and supporting business but seem to lack understanding of the less privileged and the need to develop health, education and social care.

I am angry that both main parties have neglected social care for the elderly and local transport. I want to see public transport take over from private cars, but at the moment few busses pass near here and to survive in the countryside the car is a necessity. I don’t want not to vote – but the choice is going to difficult on December 12th…..

November 11, 2019

My first horse – a wooden one

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Last night I dreamed of my first horse – a wooden one made by my father. He cut out a two dimensional wooden horse head with ears and painted on the eyes, nostrils and mane. This was stuck to an old broom handle,with an added horizontal piece at the top sticking out each side to hold on to. “Gee up Neddy” and loads of fun hopping round the large kitchen at Hazeldown Farm, and inside and out of the house getting in everyone’s way. Later models had wheels on the bottom for my little brother and sisters to enjoy. After the war, in the late 40s, Dad and our Uncles made and painted all our toys, including trains, lorries and forts, and sometimes things made of metal, all from the farm “Shop” – and nothing made of plastic!

November 9, 2019

It takes 10 years at least to train a GP…..Politicians should have thought of this….

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It takes a minimum of five years to train a doctor – then another five years at least for a doctor to become a specialist or GP. And if they are not paid as much as doctors in other countries and have poor pension schemes many will leave the country. To import Asian or African doctors will mean that they will be leaving communities that need them most. Perhaps politicians of all shapes and sizes will note this – and think a long way ahead….is this possible or likely? Ask them how they are going to do it….

November 7, 2019

The Horses have gone to Winter pastures – I shall miss them!

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I drew back the curtains and looked out on a glorious sunny morning – but no horses in the meadow. They have gone to pastures on the hill now that Winter has begun and the water meadows are increasingly wet and muddy. It has been wonderful having them near all Summer and of course I shall miss them. But when the Spring comes, and the World has turned, they will be back! Meanwhile I have the company of birds and wild beasts, seen or heard, but always present.

November 3, 2019

Capturing a picture….or not!

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Standing in the mist, framed by willows was an iconic horse. What a picture, I had to capture it, and so picked up the nearest device, an IPad. A short fumble to start it up, open the camera and back to the window. No horse to be seen, no mist but instead sunlight, a different magic. Such is life, what is real, what is experience? Capture a picture, what arrogance – I heard Lord Odin laughing in the shy, and I laughed too!

November 1, 2019

Mood music, and a mischievous imagination….

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It continues to surprise me how my mental state can change from day to day without apparent reason, despite a career in Psychiatry behind me. Yesterday I felt tense and irritable – no patience, and snapping like an angry crocodile – but today I am relaxed, amused at life and generally amiable.

It is a very physical thing, but I can overcome it to some extent by acting a part. This only works for a short time and, of course, is useless at home – but my Den is a Sanctuary, where I can read alone or listen to classical music – and occasionally commune with my IPad and you guys out there in a parallel universe…or are you all figments of a mischievous imagination?

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