May 19, 2019


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It is interesting that so many believe the truth is owned by them alone. There are as many truths as there are people it seems, each looking at it from their own unique position. Some see a snake, some an elephants trunk, while others see a lizard but I know with passionate conviction that it is the leg of a hippopotamus! People see what they want to see, and believe what they want to believe. But perhaps truth can only really be seen by those who go beyond their own ego needs and limited self seeking imagination….

May 17, 2019

Choice and Destiny

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I was about to turn the water on and flush a bit of fluff in the basin down the plug hole when the piece of fluff moved. It was a tiny midge with whom I share DNA and space-time for a moment. I offered him some toilet paper and he climbed on board and waited. I shook him off through the open window into the care of the Element of Air, manifested by a gentle North East wind, and I gave him a Blessing to fulfil his particular Destiny in this Apparent World 💥💥💥

May 15, 2019

First Hornet of the Year

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Sam looks at me and I look at him – a deep harmonious buzz somewhere near – we both know it’s a Hornet…and I find it in a nearby window having flown through the open door from the garden. My spirits lift, but I am on guard – they are good at destroying garden pests, but have a hefty sting. They don’t worry around you like their smaller cousins, Wasps, but they do fly in the late evenings and at night. They like to eat Wasp larvae and keep the Wasp population down. So I have mixed feelings – welcome Mr Hornet, do your stuff, and I shall have to be careful not to come across you unexpectedly and make sure the lights are off when the windows are open on a warm night. Just wondering how to release him, when he flies off back through the open door. I wonder where they are nesting this year?

May 12, 2019

Fish and Chips is a well balanced and healthy meal, don’t knock it!

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What a stupid and ignorant thing to say – that Fish and Chips is an unhealthy meal! It was one of those clever snide comments on Radio Four. In fact well battered Fish and Chips with mushy peas is a nutritious and balanced meal. I guess those metrosexual toffs at the BBC, that never do much physical work, might prefer Broccoli. But don’t rubbish our national meal, instead give up the sugar that makes you fat….Long Live English Fish and Chips!

May 6, 2019

Garden Bimble

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May 5, 2019

Bubbles, can they meet or will they burst?

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Politicians keep saying that the “people” left a clear message in the local elections “to get on and sort Brexit – leave the EU”. I might be in a bubble but it is a very big bubble, because this message seems contrary to many of us. Our bubble expanded in the local elections where the remain voters – Lib Dem and Greens – gained considerably while Conservatives and Labour- working together to deliver Brexit – lost massively. I guess the ultra Brexiteers stayed at home? The biggest percentage of votes still went to the Torys and Labour, but the trend is for the smaller remainer groups. There now seems to be even more division, more polarity – this must surely mean a greater need for compromise and consensus – but is that possible, or will the bubbles burst?

May 4, 2019

Gingerbread House in Faerie Land

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May 3, 2019

Onward and upward for the Greens!

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Torys and Labour both punished by the voters for a Slow Torture Brexit. Boris caught red handed tweeting he had just voted Conservative – but deleted his message when informed there were no elections in London! Best you can say about him is that he is a Liar, unfit for office anywhere. And to rub it in deeper the Mogg is now represented by a Lib Dem Councillor! Meanwhile onwards and upwards for the Greens…

April 30, 2019

The perils of horse riding at 75

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You never know when your ride on a horse will be the last one. I got back on Chockles yesterday after initially falling badly on an attempt to mount. I was encouraged to try again, and with much help from Sarah managed, and we did some fun exercises in the Yard. But today, I am aching, shaking and can’t walk without an elbow to hang on to. I shall be 75 in December, and falls have much more impact than they did a few years back. My riding days are not yet over, but I shall have to be much more careful now….

April 17, 2019

Corbyn is wrong about Exams – Children need them to develop and learn to manage stress

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From the age of seven I took part in annual Exams at my school. We were given formal papers on each subject devised by the Masters and during the Exam we sat in rows in strict silence. This was an accepted part of school life and there was an expectation that we should do as well as possible in our own interests.

It was exciting and stressful, but part of our education. We all took part, and learned self discipline, revision skills and how to manage our feelings and thoughts. Like the others I did better in some subjects, like English and Languages but not so well in others. My father sent me mottos and encouragement,and took an interest in my progress or otherwise.

Looking back nearly 70 years those exams helped me in future life, not just academically but in social skills too, and certainly taught me how to manage pressure, or what is now called stress. Stress is always going to be part of life – we can learn to be its master, or let it master us.

It’s a bit like making love to an elephant – great when you are on top, but not so good when you are underneath! Let’s keep exams for kids at all school levels – Corbyn and the left wing Teaching Unions that have him by the balls – are wrong!

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